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Telkom Flexi service can now be enjoyed with Android phone

27 April 2011

Flexi Android

Flexi Bundling with IVIO DE88

Flexi Telkom launched its first bundling programs with Android phone, Android Flexi IVIO DE88. Black mobile phone has an elegant look and appropriate to meet the lifestyle of customers who want the sophistication of realtime operating system technology. It also supports various applications that can be downloaded for free from thousands of applications.

Android is an operating system for Linux-based mobile phone. Android provides an open platform for developers to create their own applications used by different mobile devices.

According to Director of Intersys, Sam Ali, as the provider of mobile IVIO DE88, this smartphone has a number of advantages, DE88 used for two cards at once, ie, Flexi and GSM cards. Users also can still use the phone in the middle of surfing in cyberspace.

Another advantage, this phone has been supported Android version 2.2 or known by the name Froyo (Frozen Yogurt). Compared with the previous version, has made changes such as support for Adobe Flash 10.1, speed performance and application of 2 to 5 times faster, integration V8 JavaScript engine that used Google Chrome to accelerate the rendering capabilities of the browser, the installation of an application in the SD Card, the ability of portable WiFi Hotspot , and the ability to auto update in Android Market application.

Flexi Android also has a wide screen with 3.5 inch size so as to provide convenience in accessing the internet, play games, to send SMS. With the support of advanced technology and the availability of a 5 MP camera, the price of this product is very competitive. “The price is below spec products that offer almost similar,” added Sam.

General Manager of Commerce Telkom Flexi Jakarta Regional Sujito, adding that for the use of internet services, Telkom Flexi offers economical price. “Every month, users will only pay Rp 50 thousand unlimited”.

Flexi Android Service operates through a CDMA 1X technology to speed access to 153 Kbps with EVDO technology capable of providing data access to 3 Mbps. In order to liven up the Android service, Telkom Flexi holding partner content providers to develop Flexi applications in the Google Android Market. The application can be used with payment via FlexiCash.

2 Tanggapan to Telkom Flexi service can now be enjoyed with Android phone

  1. ebigmedia says:

    berapa harga ponsel cdma IVIO D88-nya,…. tambah beberapa jenis pilihan utk ponsel CDMA evdo android touch scree untuk merek berkualitas seperti Ponsel CDMA Samsung, LG, Sony ericsson ,Motorola dll

    • Harga IVIO D88 dibanderol di Rp. 2.500.000 di Flexi Center atau Plasa Telkom, ada kemungkinan selisih apabila Anda beli di dealer. Performanya juga tidak kalah dibanding brand-brand yang sudah lebih terkenal, keunggulannya ada di dual ON SIM Card (GSM-EVDO CDMA). Namun saat ini terdapat beberapa merk seperti Samsung dan HTC khusus EVDO CDMA, hanya saja rata-rata di atas Rp. 4jt. Bisa dicek langsung ke gerai-gerai ponsel di kota Anda :)

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