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Visi PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) : "Menjadi perusahaan berskala internasional di bidang industri, perdagangan dan jasa yang inovatif dan berdaya saing tinggi."



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Company Profile

The Name of Company:

PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)

Field of Business :

Running a fertilizer business industry, chemical and agrochemical industries, distribution and trade, as well as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

The Legal Foundation of The Company:

PN PUPUK SRIWIDJAJA establishment No. 20/1964. PT PUSRI merged into PN PUSRI (according to Article 1 Government Regulation No. 20/1964).

PUSRI converted into PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja (Persero) based on The Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 10/1969. By converting to the form, PN PUSRI is liquidated at the time of PUSRI establishment (according to Article 1 Government Regulation No.20/1969).

The establishment of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja (Persero) based on the Deed of Soeleman Ardjasasmita No. 4 dated January 3, 1970 in order to implement The Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 19/1969.

Through Government Regulation No. 28/1997, Pusri was mandated to be National Fertilizer Parent Company as operating holding. All of the state owned shares in PT

Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, PT Pupuk Kujang, PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda and PT Petrokimia Gresik diverted to serve as additional inclusion of state capital into Pusri’s capital stock.

With the issuance of Government Regulation No. 34/1998, the Government’s capital stock in PT Mega Eltra transferred to Pusri.

Appoint Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-17695.AH.01.02.Tahun 2012 On Approval of Amendment of Articles of Association of the Company, dated 5 April 2012 the company name PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja (Persero) has been changed to PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).

Stock Ownership :

Indonesia Governement : 100 %.

Head Office :


Jl. Taman Anggrek

Kemanggisan Jaya

Jakarta – 11480.

Phone : 021- 53654900

Fax : 021- 5482455, 5480607

E-mail :


Vision :

To be an international scale company in the fields of industry, commerce and services, that is innovative and competitive”.

Mision :

  1. Actualize international standards of corporate management and uphold the company values.
  2. Synergize the business units to increase a sustainable added value.
  3. Improve competitiveness in domestic and international markets.
  4. Increasing the business result to develop the company.
  5. Support government programs in order to enhance national food security.

Company Values :

  1. Cultural and Environmental Sustainability K3
  2. Innovative and creative
  3. Good corporate governance (GCG)
  4. Customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction)
  5. Team Work and synergy