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Rencana Kerja

Rencana Kerja

Business Prospect
Periode : year,2005 – 2006

Description :
The analogous growth of the macro economy and the Indonesian government policy, SURVEYOR INDONESIA saw potential growth and opportunities in the private and government sectors.

The existence of our Captive service product line covers 4 (four) facets in the Domestic Product Assessment (ADP) service such as initial and standard auditing process, verification of goods and TKDN. These facets have become primary source of revenue acquired by a number of our branches that potentially be engaged further. Other significant progress is demonstrated on the commercial service with consistent increase of revenue resulted from the efforts made in terms of intensifying market coverage to the neighboring country through inspection service and technical survey.

Target :
SURVEYOR INDONESIA retains the privilege and access to enter any business ventures in the forestry, mining, agricultural sector and so forth — other than the present venture in oil and gas sector. The oil and gas contract agreement made between the company and Directorate General for Oil and Gas that is assumed to prevail over an extended period would benefit our company in accumulating revenue and favorable profit margin where such agreement requires verification procedures on the master list whereby it is available in our company. Our company will focus on an important strategy of acquiring a handful of multi-contract and multi-customer deals through market penetration. The SBU (Strategic Business Unit) will focus on developing the government market while the branches will be developing the market of Regional Government and the private sectors. The intensification in deployment of new ventures will initiate investment value amounting to IDR 9,367 million or increasing by 173% compared to the previous years.

There are other open market potentials that are available are our involvement in supporting government aviation sector through the cooperation with the Directorate General for Air Traffic for service provisions related to certification issuance, audit and consultancy concerning flight safety procedures, then on the education sector through the cooperation with the Directorate General for Elementary and Intermediary Education, Department of Education RI for surveying and monitoring in the deployment of subsidized education plan.

Other markets potential are available in the regional government programs and through the applied law No. 22 and 25/1999 regarding the Regional Government Autonomy further provide extensive authorities for the regional government to exercise and apply the authority over the affairs of the given region and community including its potentials. SURVEYOR INDONESIA sees the opportunity and challenges through the program deployments such as improvement on bonline service, regional income and maximizing the potentials in the region in orderly fashion. The variety of Regional Government ventures encompasses 20 type of service provisions that our company can offer which includes area mapping, urban planning, master plan development, networking, design to monitoring and the application of information technology system.

The company is undergoing a management restructuring process that will enhance our marketing and operational strategies as well as increasing efficiency in its support groups. This restructuring will allow SURVEYOR INDONESIA to become more competent in facing fierce competition and innovative in terms of product development. With proven track record, expertise and competence in its resources, SURVEYOR INDONESIA shall be ready to face and transpose challenges into opportunities in years to come.