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Visi PT Pindad : "Menjadi produsen peralatan pertahanan dan keamanan terkemuka di Asia tahun 2023 melalui inovasi produk dan kemitraan strategis"


PT Pindad (Persero) was successfully obtained the PROPER HIJAU (GREEN PROPER) for PT Pindad (Persero) that located at Bandung and BLUE PROPER (PROPER BIRU) for PT Pindad (Persero) that located at Turen, Malang.


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Become a leading manufacturer in defense and security equipment in Asia in 2023 through efforts in product innovation and strategic partnerships.


Implement an integrated effort in the field of defense and security equipment and also industrial equipment to support national development and specifically to support national defense and security.

Brief History

In the period of 1808-1850 established military equipment repair shop named Artilleriee Constructie Winkle (ACW) and Pyrotekniesche Werkplaats (PW) to hold inventory and tooling equipment maintenance and repair damaged arms weapons, while PW serves to make and repair of cluster or work related to explosives to meet the needs of the Dutch Navy.

In the period of 1923-1932, the workshops that exist in Surabaya and others moved to Bandung and merged into one with the name Artilerie Inrichtingen (AI). In 1942, the Dutch surrendered to the Japanese and later the ACW renamed to Dai Ichi Kozo (DIK). In 1947 DIK renamed Leger Productie Bedrijven (LPB).

On April 29, 1950 the Dutch government gave LPB to the government RIS and renamed the Pabrik Senjata dan Mesiu (PSM). In 1958, PSM passed into the Army Equipment Factory then changed its name to PINDAD and in 1983 PINDAD changed the status into State Owned Enterprises.

In 1989, along with 9 other companies, PT. PINDAD (Persero) is under construction Badan Pengelola Industri Strategis (BPIS). BPIS was disbanded in 1998, the company that built it was under a subsidiary company of PT. Pakarya Industri (Persero). In 1999 PT. Pakarya Industri (Persero) changed its name to PT. Bahana Pakarya Industri Strategis (Persero), which is then dissolved by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation Number 52 of 2002. Furthermore, based on Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia Number 41 of 2003, PT. Pindad (Persero) is under the authority of the Minister of State Owned Enterprises.

Objectives :

Able to provide the needs of Main Armament System independently, to support the implementation of defense and security of the Republic of Indonesia.

Target Company :

Increase the company potentiality to obtain business opportunities that guarantee the future of the company through internal and external synergies.

Basic Principles of Company:

Loyality, Integrity and Dedication, which means ; sticking to the company’s goals, honesty and integrity in the interaction of organization and dedication to the company. Thirdly it is a daily attitude of every member of the organization that underlie every action of individuals and organizations. The spirit of the group should not beat this first principle.

Technology Excellence, which means ; the belief that the acquisition and utilization of technology is vital in achieving corporate objectives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work for the innovation of products and materials for business innovation.

Collaboration of Group, which means ; success is a result of the collaboration. Synergies that arise from the group based on the integrity of members of the group is able to provide the success that previously could not be achieved.

Do business for mutual benefit, which means ; emphasizing the importance of gaining the trust of all parties who do business with Pindad. It is important to think about and ensure the benefits and added value to partners, customers, suppliers and of course to Pindad itself.