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Pertamina Soccer School Launched

16 September 2012

JAKARTA, PT Pertamina (Persero) proudly launched Pertamina Soccer School as the proof of the Company’s commitment in supporting the progress of football in the country.

Pertamina Soccer School is one of Pertamina’s initiatives to contribute to the talent development of new generation, particularly football, a sport well-liked by around 70% of Indonesians. In its management, Pertamina Soccer School, managed by Pertamina Foundation, will collaborate with one of world-class football clubs.

“Today Pertamina again shows its significant contribution to national sport, particularly football, through the establishment of Pertamina Soccer School. We hope that young talented football players from across Indonesia, who have gone through tight selection, will be able to grow optimally – technical-wise, knowledge-wise, and character-wise – through Pertamina Soccer School so that they will be able to contribute their best to be the pride of Indonesia in international level,” President Director of Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan, said during the launch of the school today.

Pertamina Soccer School this year facilitates 24 young talented players, aged 14 to 15 years old, comprising the alumni of Indonesia All Star Team 2011, the players who passed the All Star Team 2012 selection, as well as the best selected players from best SSB in Greater Jakarta and Papua. Through Pertamina Soccer School, the young players will be able to enjoy football school as well as formal education through homeschooling program for 3 (three) years before they enter professional level.

With the tagline ‘Intelligent, Sportivity, Character’, Pertamina together with partners will give full scholarships to cover all the needs of the athletes and future sport stars, starting from best football education method and curriculum, best training and competition facilities, dorm, as well as medical and sport laboratory to support the development of sport science.

Furthermore, the players’ skills will be honed and monitored through Pertamina League, which will soon take place.

“Pertamina as the country’s prideful company pays huge attention to the development of football in Indonesia. Pertamina Soccer School is the real form of Pertamina’s contribution to support Indonesia football to again excel in international world,” Vice President Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Ali Mundane, said.

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