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PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia

Visi Kementerian BUMN : "Meningkatkan peran BUMN sebagai instrumen negara untuk peningkatan kesejahteraan rakyat berdasarkan mekanisme"



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Bagaimana pelayanan ticketing di loket penjualan tiket kapal PELNI?

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Tickets PELNI can be Purchased at the Post Office

28 December 2012

Kerjasama PELNI dan Pos Indonesia
Launching ticket sales PELNI ship with Pos Indonesia is a form of synergy which is run by the two companies. After the launching ceremony, the PELNI ship passengers can buy tickets at Pos Indonesia outlets spread across Indonesia.

“We expect this collaboration even easier PELNI in developing marine transportation business. Customers ship us also facilitated with the facilities purchase tickets can be purchased at the counter Pos Indonesia. Cooperation is expected to also increase its income either for revenue or revenue passenger ships PELNI Pos Indonesia, “said President Director of PT Pelni (Limited), Jussabella Sahea.

Ticket sales PELNI ship with online payment system makes it easy payment system and check transactions. Usually ships PELNI purchase tickets using the blank tickets ship route. However, with this partnership, PELNI enough passengers using ticket receipts as proof of the transaction as well as replacement tickets ship route. Purchases through Pos Indonesia it can be ordered from H-90 to H-2 prior to departure.

“Now purchase tickets Pelni to do at the post office through the postal service pay. Post pay is a payment service point where real-time online transactions that can be reached from Sabang to Merauke. Post pay serves many payments ranging from PLN, Telkom, taps, Installment Motor Vehicles, credit card bills, cable TV, and others. The system is integrated and connected to the server HOST to HOST PT route. Data Communication Protocol was using ISO 8583. Transaction services are monitored and verified in layers, “said President Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Dr. I Ketut Mardjana.
Through ticket sales as PELNI ship is expected to boost ticket sales and marketing PELNI ships for Pos Indonesia outlets affordable to all corners of the country.

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