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Meet the “Silk Road” Indonesian Maritime Transport

12 July 2012

IF THE IDEA six domestic port connectivity can be realized, Indonesia will enter a new phase in realizing the national logistics system. Government`s target to reduce logistics costs to below 10 percent in 2015 instead of the one thing that can not be achieved more quickly. Logistics pathway is reminiscent of the “Silk Road” between China and Europe in the 3rd century BC in which at that time the flow of trade grew by leaps and bounds. That set it apart, transport was used by land, while the transport is by sea.

Later, if the path has been established, we will see a traffic flow of trade the country that are far more efficient. All lines are connected in the unity in supporting national economic growth. In turn, the potential of the sea as unifying the nation will be realized.

Is Managing Director of PT Pelindo II, RJ Lino has such a brilliant idea. The concept, the development of six domestic ports are included in the main corridor of the national transport container (main sea corridor). The concept development path of national sea transport containers with a minimum capacity of the port can serve ships the size of the 3220 twentyfoot equivalent units (TEUs).

The six ports are included in the main corridor is Belawan, Batam, Jakarta Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak Surabaya, Makassar, and Sorong. Viewed from the side of the six port management involves managing the entire company from the port of IPCs IPCs I to IV.

As known, in the event the 10th Asean Ports and Shipping 2012 Exhibition and Connference, CEO of Innovative Enterprises of the Year 2011 revealed the track is like a toll road in the sea. Each port is connected to the pendulum line. According to him, so far the proposed scheme of government have a green light. It is hoped this project can be started while running Kalibaru Container terminal project or New Priok Port targeted completion by 2014.
As quoted in several media, play sea corridor projects that will be realized by renovating the port of Belawan and Makassar as by increasing the depth of up to minus 14 minus line m and 13 m. The investment value of the renovation is estimated at Rp 1.5 trillion.

In that project, only the construction of new port in Sorong, Papua, which is projected to be a pendulum for transport in the east. For Sorong harbor project is expected to cost approximately $ 1 trillion. Designated Port of Sorong, PT Pelindo II soon to build the port in August 2012 if the land acquisition completed.

So far, the idea to form a sea corridor around positive response from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin). Business organizations are hoping the project can be implemented. Chamber of Commerce will encourage the IPC II to Kalibaru expansion program should be accelerated because it is urgent. In addition, six domestic port development program as a major transportation corridor of containers (main sea corridor) from West to East as a marine highway transportation container / container should be developed.

Chamber of Commerce hopes the program six domestic port as the main corridor for the transport of containers allow large vessels to serve the port can be integrated with short sea shipping transport path a short distance, so that complaints are not underserved areas of the ship to transport cargo from the area can be served.

Government Support

Brilliant ideas as expressed President Director of PT Pelindo II RJ Lino absolutely must have the support of government. This step is a solution to reduce the high cost of logistics in Indonesia. 1.5 trillion budget is not big compared with the positive effects arising from the presence of sea around the corridor.
The same support and commitment are needed from all port managers in the corridor as the spirit of making the port as a gateway to national economic growth. *** - Moch rizki Ramadan -

Source  : Indonesia Shipping Times

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