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PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (Persero)

Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House Vision : " Being Settlement and Guarantee Trusted by maintaining the integrity of financial and information systems to support commodity trading."


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Clearing House

In the Commodity Futures Trading industry in Indonesia, PT KBI (Persero) has a strategic role as the Clearing House, which maintains the financial integrity of the business. As per the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.32 of 1997 regarding the Commodity Futures Trading Article 25 paragraph 1 and 2 states that the implementation of the Futures Exchange Clearing House is equipped with a limited liability company which has obtained a business license as a Clearing House of the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.
KBI PT (Persero) to obtain a business license as a Clearing House in Indonesia by the Decree of the Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board No. 128/BAPPEBTI/IX/2001 September 4, 2001 concerning the business license to conduct activities Clearing House.

Registration Centre Warehouse Receipt

Inside the Warehouse Receipt System industry in Indonesia, PT KBI (Persero) serves as the Central Register and has the function of recording, storage, transfer of ownership, the imposition of rights guarantees, reporting and the provision of network information systems and Warehouse Receipt and Warehouse Receipt Derivatives. Warehouse Receipt and administration activities Derivatives warehouse receipt is a manifestation of the Republic of Indonesia Act No.9 of 2006 on the Warehouse Receipt System in article 34 states that operate as the Central Register can only be done by a legal entity and legal entity approved by the Regulatory Agency.

KBI PT (Persero) has obtained a license as the Centre Register by the Decree BAPPEBTI No.03/BAPPEBTI/Kep-SRG/SP/PUSREG/6/2009 dated June 16, 2009 concerning the Agreement as the Centre Register.

Physical Commodities Market

KBI PT (Persero) to obtain permission from BAPPEBTI accordance with SK BAPPEBTI No.14/BAPPEBTI/PER-PL/10/2010 dated October 15, 2010 as a Clearing Guarantee Institution Auction Market with Delivery of Then (Forward).

Physical commodities markets in the industry, KBI PT (Persero) Physical Market transactions received registration and ensure its completion, both for commodity transactions Spot, Forward, Cash and Negotiation, in conjunction with the Physical Commodity Market Operator has obtained approval BAPPEBTI.