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10 July 2012

Throughout 2012, the total gold futures contract transactions recorded 56.8% of the entire multilateral trading JFX.

Being a merchant gold today is no longer merely a dream. Community can trade gold bars of 100 grams without having to have capital equal to the price of gold is in the range of 50 million. By following a 100 gram gold futures contracts at the Jakarta Futures Exchange (Jakarta Futures Exchange / JFX), investors only need to put money juta.Di Rp10 other hand, minimal transaction only Rp2, 5 million to 5 million.
JFX director Sakti Bihar Wibowo said “The new Varian 100 gram gold futures contract could reach the people who have less financial ability.”

According to the Head of the Division of Research and Development Business JFX ANDAM Goddess, the first step to be taken by investors in gold futures contracts followed, which determines the broker. It was to help the transaction in JFX. In order not to mistakenly choose, it is advisable to first look at the official site at

Furthermore, there are two investment options can be selected for this contract GOL 100. For investors who have capital of about Rp 10 million, could play in this futures exchange like ordinary shares on the stock. Investors do not hold physical gold, profits derived from trading on the stock exchange following the gold price fluctuations. For example it is assumed gold price of 500 thousand per gram, so 100 gram gold price is currently 50 million. In the futures market does not need the money immediately poured 50 million. If the gold price rises, while the right to remove the gold to the market. Conversely, when the gold price down, the best move is to buy gold.

“So if the price drops Rp10 million, which hold open futures positions then he will be lucky Rp10 thousand per gram. However, if the price nai, time to sell. So take advantage of existing opportunities. But if you want to own physical gold, gold could be taken in the next three months when due. Gold prices are paid in accordance with the rates prevailing on the initial agreement.
In the futures market, investors can also take physical gold traded. Bihar said the physical handover GOL 100 gold contracts will be made when the contract matures, the facilitated by Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House. When this has been done with Pawnshop cooperation in handing over the physical location of the gold so that the front of the customers can easily perform the physical handover of gold at the Pawnshop outlets throughout Indonesia.

The 100 gram gold futures contract (GOL 100) which was launched on Tuesday (3/7), completing the seven kinds of gold futures contracts that have been there before. JFX has had contracts 1 kg of gold (GOL), the contract emas250 gram (GOL 250), gold scroll contracts (rupiah and U.S. $), the gold index contracts (KIE), the contract scroll U.S. $ (GU1H10), and scroll mini gold contracts of U.S. $ (GU1TF).

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