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Dahlan Iskan: Prabowo Turn Paper Kraft Aceh

21 September 2012

Menteri BUMN Dahlan Iskan

Paper raw material sourced from plantations which is majority owned Prabowo.

VIVAnews-Minister for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan optimitis PT Paper Kraft Aceh (KKA) can be revived.

Therefore, the source of raw material for paper KKA located in Plantation Forest (HTI) owned by Prabowo is left entirely to the Inhutani IV.

“Yesterday I get a report, Mr Prabowo, waived his right to give up Aceh in HTI to give Inhutani IV,” Dahlan Iskan said in Jakarta on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

According to Dahlan, Prabowo commitment has been warmly welcomed by the people of Aceh, the Acehnese given assume the existence of KKA as something important. With the availability of raw materials, paper mills pride of the people of Aceh were able to walk again.

“The raw material of paper mill KKA little different, because they have trees that contain fiber and the long-term. Past, KKA tree has about 60 thousand hectares of the plantation but since the reform problematic,” he said.

Governor of Aceh, added Dahlan, also willing to help revive the KKA, the legality of taking care of the land and fix the Spatial Planning and Regional Governance (spatial planning) in the plantation land.

Meanwhile, to get revenue in the long pedek, KKA-owned power plant with a capacity of 22 MW will be brought back to be sold to PLN.

PLN president director Nur Pamudji on the same occasion to explain that PLN is ready to buy power from the KKA and will be streamed to around 22,000 homes in Lhokseumawe and Aceh. (asp)

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