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Vision : "To be a world-class energy company in gas utilization."


Berbagai Apresiasi Internasional untuk GCG dan Transparansi PT PGN


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Rencana Kerja

Rencana Kerja

The company has been developing the business of natural gas distribution through the pipeline network of 3.187 km long with a capacity of 692 MMSCFD, comprising main cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta,Bogor, Bekasi, Banten,Karawang, Cirebon, Surabaya, Palembang, Medan, Batam and Pekanbaru.

The distribution network and facilities are managed by three units of SBU Distribution with development based on the working area. Distribution is the company’s main business which contribute revenue as much as 83,4% from the total revenue in 2006.

Gas supply

The company fulfilled the natural gas market need through several gas resources supplied by Pertamina and the Production Sharing Contract Contractor, through the Gas Sale Agreement for a period of 5 to 20 years. The long term agreement is meant to ensure that PGN get the natural gas supply steadily, so that the quality of the service provided to the customers can be well maintained.

The Customers

The customers of the company are divided into three categories, household, commercial and industrial ones. In terms of number, the household customers represent 97% of the total customers, while the remaining 3% by the commercial and industrial. However, the industrial customers absorbed 98% of the total volume, while the rest 2% taken by the household and commercial customers.

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Distribution

The Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Distribution is a unit assigned to directly manage the business activity of natural gas distribution.


PGN transports gas through transmission networks from upstream suppliers to end users. The Company presently operates three transmission pipelines with a combined length of about 1,015km; the Grissik to Duri (operational in 1998), Grissik to Singapore (operational in 2003), and Medan and Jakarta/Bogor.



GRISSIK To DURI (536 km)