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Vision : "To be a world-class energy company in gas utilization."


Berbagai Apresiasi Internasional untuk GCG dan Transparansi PT PGN


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Natural Gas is The First Choice Energy Quality Quality of energy can be viewed from two sides, burning efficiency and gas emission. Burning efficiency of natural gas is higher than oil fuel, and gas emission from natural gas burning is much lower than oil fuel, since the produced NOx, SOx, and COx are much below emission standard.

Supply Capacity Last ten years data (1986-1997) show that LNG export increased almost double, while natural gas usage for domestic industries increased by only 50% and for power plants increased 53%. The fact shown that the supply capacity for domestic use is still huge taking into account significant amount of existing gas resources.

Transportation Natural gas distribution from its source to costumer is usually done through pipelines since it guarantees supply continuity to costumer. To support security of supply, PGN has done some pipe protection (Cathodic protection, coating system, sacrificial anode, etc). The coating system is one of the steel pipe protection from corrosion. In this system the pipe surface are covered with organic layer such as coal tar enamel, polyethylene tape, PVC tape, Epoxy paint, fusion bonded epoxy/FBE,etc. The other way to slow down corrosion process is placing sacrificial anode and impressed current. Sacrificial anode system use two different metals which is pipe as a cathode and the other is magnesium as sacrificial anode. The other system that almost the same as sacrificial anode system is electric system. The different is only on the use of electricity as a outside source with transformer rectifier.