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Ministry of Enterprise Prepare Pharmaceuticals Holding Enterprises

17 April 2012

SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan ready to combine claims under state companies engaged in the pharmaceutical sector. This is done after it incorporates state-owned plantations and forestry.

“Holding the plantation has been completed the process in the Ministry of Enterprise, now under the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry for, and being in the Secretary of State. Process is just around the corner,” said Minister of state socialization between Dahlan Iskan e-toll card, at the Toll Gate Cililitan, Jakarta, Monday (4/16/2012).

Not content to complete the process of state-owned holding in the two sectors, the current process Dahlan admitted his side had been holding state in the pharmaceutical field. “I prepared a holding in the pharmaceutical field, so how Indofarma, Kimia Farma and Biofarma it could be the one holding, because then the handling of medicines throughout Indonesia will be better,” the former president of this PLN.

Currently, it is being asked deputies to perform the process of holding this pharmacy. Previously, PTPN III expressed its readiness to become a holding company (holding) State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) plantations.

Holding the asset value of state-owned plantation is expected to reach approximately Rp40 trillion. “We are ready if shareholders holding assign it to PTPN III as the garden state,” said Director of PTPN III, Amri Siregar some time ago.

Nevertheless, Amri said the company owned the garden he led awaiting decision from the Ministry of SOEs as interns share the full 15 state-owned plantations.

However, he said, if PTPN III was chosen as the state-owned plantation holding, the company will carry out the mandated tasks according to the shareholders.

Initially, the mechanism of state-owned plantation holding still holding mechanism is operated in accordance with the fertilizer and cement. (mrt)


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