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About Corporate


PT. (Limited) Credit Insurance Indonesia or PT. Askrindo (Corporation) is one of the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) which is engaged in the business of insurance, can not be separated from economic development Nations and the Republic of Indonesia.

Since the government to prepare and establish REPELITA I in 1969, is one of the main goals the plan is equitable development results in the field of business opportunities, incomes and simultaneously stimulate job growth. In order to achieve this goal the government take concrete steps such as by developing small and medium enterprises by addressing one of the important aspects of the financing aspect.

Date of establishment on 6 April 1971 by the Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation No. 1/1971 dated January 11, 1971, to serve the mission of empowering the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to support economic growth in Indonesia. The role of PT. Askrindo (Limited) in the empowerment of SMEs is a guarantee institution for lending by banks to SMEs.

In accordance with the vision and mission, PT. Askrindo (Persero) maintain their functions and roles as Collateral Subtitution Institution, the guarantor institution to bridge the gap between SMEs decent but do not have enough collateral to obtain credit with financial institutions, both banks and non bank institutions (feasible but not bankable).

In line with the changing times, the current PT. Askrindo (Corporation) has four business lines namely Bank Credit Insurance, Trade Credit Insurance, Surety Bond and Bond Customs. Since 2007, the company took on the task of government in implementing the Presidential Instruction 6/2007 or better known as underwriting People’s Business Credit (KUR). In its implementation together with Askrindo provide security for loans extended by implementing the six Bank: Bank BRI, Bank BNI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Bukopin, Bank Syariah Mandiri and 13 (thirteen) Regional Development Banks.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia is the backbone of the economic forces that are able to contribute very significantly. Strengthening of SME capital will provide multiplier effects of the growth of business activity that followed the opening of job opportunities and improve business value. The creation of a robust SME at a later stage be able to contribute in reducing the unemployment rate of poverty in Indonesia.

Askrindo constantly expanding its efforts to provide excellent service, backed by the Branch Office and the Office of the Office Services Unit totaled 52 in 30 Provinces throughout Indonesia.


Company name

Limited Liability Company (Limited) PT. Credit Insurance Indonesia

or abbreviated as PT. Askrindo (Limited)

Date of Establishment

6 April 1971

Establishment basis

Government Regulation (PP) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 dated January 11, 1971,

State Capital of Republic of Indonesia

for the establishment of companies in the Insurance Sector Credit

Line of Business

Insurance Losses

Composition of Shareholders

100% Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Head Office address

Jl. Angkasa Blok B-9 Kav. No. 8

Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran, Jakarta 10610, Indonesia

Tel. : 021-6546471/72

Fax. : 021-6546483/84


Office Network

4   Branch National Outcome 1

7   Branch National Outcome 2

10 Branch National Outcome 3

31 Offices Service Unit